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Worrell Propulsion

Introduction Ken Worrell
  • Flight Training Procedure Instructor, presently with a legacy airline
  • Trained pilots on the following jets: B-727/200, B-737/800, CRJ-200/900, MD-11, MD-88
  • Patent Pending NO.17/803,443
  • US Patent 7,591,129 B2
  • German Patent No. 10 2006 044 946 0
  • I hold the following FAA certificates

Airline Transport Pilot • Flight Engineer/Turbo-Jet • Flight Instructor/ Airplane Single; Instrument Airplane • Advance Ground Instructor

Advantages of Detonation over Deflagration
Fuel savings will be exceedingly high
  • The temperatures within the combustion chamber will be considerably lower than those temperatures found in the burner can of a jet engine
  • The temperatures in the burner can of a modern jet engine can reach as high as 1700 degrees Celsius requiring the use of expensive metals to withstand the intense heat
  • Various types of fuels can be used in this engine whereas a conventional jet engine requires jet fuel
Advantages of this Invention
  • 1 Lower manufacturing cost and time
  • 2 Higher fuel efficiency, cleaner burn with less pollutants in the environment
  • 3 Very quiet operation
  • 4 A variety of fuel types can be used
  • 5 Weight reduction
  • 6 Spool up time is significantly reduced
The Pulse Detonation Engine
A giant leap of technology for the turbine engine into the 21st century

"Strive for perfection in everything. Take the best that exists and make it better. If it doesn’t exist, create it. Accept nothing nearly right or good enough."

Sir Henry Royce,
co-founder of Rolls-Royce.
Usages for this New Engine
  • Aircraft
  • Generators
  • Military Tanks
  • Auxiliary Power Units for Jets
  • Drones
Overview of the Design

An overview of the Engine identifying.
The Major Components.

How a PDE Works
How a PDE Works
  1. Fuel enters the combustion chamber with ignition to follow
  2. Exploding gases close the valves. This causes the force of explosion to move in the opposite direction
  3. Once the pressure drops against the valves, the cycle starts over
Cross View of the PDE Design
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